The age of the self-optimisers

The study “The age of the self-optimisers" shows that health is the biggest driving force of the future. It explains who will profit from the basic principle of self-optimising during the next years. Moreover the study visualises what the trend healthstyle has become: the most important way of life in our aging and individualised society. It is no longer just a warm wave of wellness but a professional and cold strategy of life. The age of the self-optimisers has begun. Healthstyle – the healthy lifestyle – has grown up!

Our contribution

The study was written by the trend researcher Corinna Mühlhausen, head of our trend research resort, and Prof. Peter Wippermann (TRENDBUERO). The underlying market research around the question „What is health.. ?“ has been carried out by the prestigious market research institute TNS Infratest. Our input was the conception and the design of the study.


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