Fritz Classen is focused in its main purpose on the development and establishment of brand identities especially for German companies which have a potential in improving their identity or future prospects. 


About the person

Friedrich Classen, named "Fritz" by his friends, was an employer who recognized the importance of an distinctive corporate identity quite early. We discovered this important character while working on a studies project in 2005 called „Quo vadis Braun“ about the history and philosophy of the company „Braun“ where Mr. Classen was mentioned as a reference by several important participants of this time.

Fritz Classen was working in the field of identity management and visual communication. Despite the fact that he did not gain a big reputation his work had a huge influence on the epochal appearence of many companies. As an integralist he knew how he had to use the deep knowledge of different fields for receiving a more comprehensive point of view on company specific questions. With this in mind he is appearing as the figurehead of our company. Nowadays Fritz Classen could also stand for everyone who appreciates the values of durability, responsibility and integrity as a part of his or her cultural (corporate) identity. 

Friedrich Classen origins from a down-to-earth merchant family from Hamburg based in „Altes Land“. Although the family was quite wealthy Friedrich experienced no privileges during his adolescence. Despite an initial aversion to the wish of his son being a typesetter his father put up with this decision quite early. He had no arguments against the plan of his offspring having a safe foundation because of his conservative principles.
During his training and in the first years after this Friedrich discovered his interest for the work of Peter Behrens (AEG) and some of his contemporaries who dealt with a uniform appearance of companies. Motivated by those ideas Friedrich designed own identities for some medium-sized companies with origin from the local surroundings of Hamburg.

There were some social tensions during this time because of the alienation to his family. This problems were solved by Friedrichs decision to begin a studies of economies for enhancing his knowledge. His comprehensive experience in visual communications and his knowledge about sustainable entrepreneuship led to the founding of his agency for sustainable corporate. After his death in the early 1980s his thoughts and ideas conclude in the work of our present company.


Hiring Fritz Classen did not meant receiving just a strategic point of view but also a consideration of aspects of operationalising. His concern was the creation of authentic corporate identities.

His ambivalent relationship to every sort of marketing which was focussed on the pure increase of sales figures was not compatible with his claim for the establishment of longlasting corporate profiles. He focussed his work on the balance of visual stimuli and clear messages. The conscious use of typography and the commitment to geometrical-symmetrical formates were useful while creating those clear and differentiated corporate profiles.
Besides the strategical dealing with a business problem the creative approach for solving a problem was important for him. The strong believe in responsible management and the power of good aesthetics for the cultivation of the society were shaping for his whole work.