We are internal and external team players. Therefore we set focus on sincere and constructive cooperation for a mutual development of the best solution for the corporate success. Our wide range of services extends from the analysis of your company to the last step of operationalisation.

A strategy is just as good as its implementation. On request we operationalize our developed strategies in an integrated process so that nothing gets lost in this transformation.



Only those who are aware of their target group are able to create a clear and long-term brand identity and to develop their customer-oriented products and services. Therefore the analysis (corporate and customer potenial) is always the beginning of any brand-strategic considerations. In order to create a precice image of a customer we are working with Sinus and Sigma milieu models, with trend forecasting but also with individual positioning approaches. We will figure out the relevant model for your company while the positioning of your brand(s) in the competitive environment at the latest.


Finding the right product in terms of the brand and defining your strategic target groups are parts of the conception and innovation process which is completed by designing a good (product) appearance. Finding expressive messages and accomplishing harmony between word and image in communication are the finish of a methodically succeeded project.